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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Review: Ladies Night at the Yawning Portal by Ed Greenwood

This is the Spin a Yarn 2002. Like the first one, Never a Warpig Born, this was written by Ed greenwood after suggestions were thrown around to include in a story at a panel at Gen Con. You can read the archived story here

We are introduced to a night of revelry at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep, where only woman are allowed, and they all come dressed in costume as to disguise their identities. This is likely sometime before 1314 DR, as Piergeiron is not described as Open Lord, but is definitely before 1374 DR as the Blackstaff is still alive. Throughout the story our character's are generally described along the lines as women dressed as Halaster Blackcloak, Piergeiron, or an animated skeleton; keeping their identities secret

There are magical rings, a flesh golem, a Red Wizard, illithids, some members of the Knights of Myth Drannor, and fun times to be had. While the story surely is silly, that's the point, it is not quite as absurd as the first Spin a Yarn, and neither was it as enjoyable or cohesive. It was a little too confusing, and while unsurprisingly entertaining it suffered from so much happening. Ladies Night at the Yawning Portal is Acceptable, and a fond foray of a Realms tale, just one slightly bogged down by so much ridiculous things happening in a such a short span.


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