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Friday, February 12, 2021

Review: Never a Warpig Born by Ed Greenwood

 Never a Warpig Born is the first Spin a Yarn tale. In 2001 Ed Greenwood started this series, writing one every year for the next decade or so. The tale was woven together from pieces requested by attendees of Gen Con. This results in some odd tales, but Ed Greenwood is the perfect storyteller for such things. It can be found here free for your reading pleasure.

Greenwood at Gen Con 2001

Never a Warpig Born takes place in Ordulin the capital of Sembia where the Red Wizards of Thay are trying to establish an enclave. We go to Hallowmere House, where the lady Haugratha of the place hosts the Red Wizards. This story is a little absurd, as The Simbul (Witch-Queen of Aglarond), Durnan (proprietor of the Yawning Portal), Alustriel Silverhand (High Lady of the League of the Silver Marches), Elminster (Sage of Shadowdale), Mirt (the Moneylender), and the Srinshee (of Myth Drannor fame) all appear.

No date is giving but I would guess somewhere between 1368 DR and 1374 DR, though this is of course conjecture.

We are quickly introduced to an unlikely pair of half-orc and talking boar, named Orokh and Warpig respectively. We also meet Dalance Shareth, a name I have not heard before, supposedly the leader of the Sembian Church of Mystra.

This was a great, lighthearted read, fun like the scene in Innarlith from Lord of the Darkways, but for the entire story. This is an Exceptional tale.

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