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Monday, March 29, 2021

Review: A Ghost of a Chance by Ed Greenwood

 Like Far Too Many Thieves, A Ghost of a Chance is a cut piece from Elminster: The Making of a Mage. This one is specifically for part one of the story, "near the bottom of page 51 of the paperback edition" is where this piece fits in. It was released in July 2005 on the old Wizards website, and can now be read on the web archive for free here. This is not a direct sequel to Far Too Many Thieves, but the next two cut tales are, I will get to those shortly.

Elminster the Brigand

Elminster is a brigand, following the exiled Knight Helm Stoneblade in the kingdom of Athalantar. The year is 224 DR, and magelords rule from Athalgard in the capital of Hastarl. Elminster is on his way to the Woodsedge Inn ran by Broam north of Jander (a town no longer in existence, but one Ed says was north-northeast of present day Secomber, and long reclaimed by the trees of the High Forest); it is the middle of winter.

We see the expletive "naed" also sometimes seen as "naeth", this means "dung" for those curious. What was a quick and uneventful trip in the final book, turns out to be quite harrowing to young Elminster. An encounter with a magelord that involved cold nighttime running as fireballs rain down, and a haunted cairn make for Elminster's survival ghostly slim.

A Ghost of a Chance is a fun, mythical tale about the rightful Prince of Athalantar. I really enjoyed it overall, and it was a Good read for anyone who enjoyed the final book.


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