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Monday, March 8, 2021

Review: The Herald by Ed Greenwood

While before I said I had reviewed everything I had started before beginning the challenge of reading all Forgotten Realms’ novels, I knew I would not get to all The Sundering books for a long time, because of how some of the books fall late into other series I have only just started. I changed my mine with The Sentinel, and I already reviewed The Adversary as part of the Brimstone Angels series. Well the other book I’ve read is book six of The Sundering, The Herald by Ed Greenwood. I will start this by all the books I should have read before I read this book. For plot, read The Return of the Archwizards trilogy by Troy Denning, and The Last Mythal trilogy by Richard Baker. If you want to understand the characters I would read all the Elminster books that take place before this one, which would be all of them with the exception of Spellstorm and Death Masks, particularly The Elminster series, and the Sage of Shadowdale trilogy.

    Now sadly this review will not be as detailed since I read The Herald back in 2018. The story follows Elminster and his great, great granddaughter, Amarune. They are facing the Shadovar of Thultanthar, returned Netheril. Most of this book takes place in the repopulated Myth Drannor, the greatest of the elven cities that has been in ruins for centuries, though was resettled after the Spellplague.

    We follow a couple Princes of Shade as they go about destroying baelnorns, a type of guardian-elf-lich. We also see some of the Seven Sisters who help Elminster in defending the city as the elves flee to safety. Larloch is in this tale, along with The Shrinshee as well; over all, there are lots of powerful mages.

    If I am remembering correctly, there were some odd scenes with Manshoon in Suzail that were completely lost on me. If I had read the previous books I likely would have understand the purpose these scenes were suppose to serve. I also was not use to Greenwood's writing style and though now I am a fan it definitely takes some getting used to.

    For it's spot in The Sundering, it has the most resolution for the events as a whole, hence why it is the last in the series. While my experience at the time was not the most enjoyable, it was not bad, and knowing what I know now, I look back on the book with more fondness. So don't start here, but when you get here, I think you'll be with me in finding the book Good.


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