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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Review: Tallfolk Tales by Lisa Smedman

Tallfolk Tales by Lisa Smedman is a tie-in to the standalone The Gilded Rune. Since Tallfolk Tales is in Untold Adventures, it came out a year before the novel and so I thought it would be fine to read first as well. I want to read the novel soon.

The story is a retelling, as Daffyd, is in a taproom in Gracklstugh (an Underdark duergar city) telling a surface elf about an expedition into Araumycos and who the best guide is for surviving the behemoth fungus. It’s narrated in first person with no quotation marks.

Daffyd is a morndin, a reincarnated dwarf put into the body of another race. In this case, Daffyd is human but believes his spirit is that of a shield dwarf from Clan Ironstar, a clan long extinct. This story is very fun and very easy to read because of the unique style it is presented in. Tallfolk Tales is Exceptional, and I can't wait for the novel.

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