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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Review: Rancor by Dave Gross

Rancor by Dave Gross is Baldur’s Gate tie-in fiction piece from Dragon+ issue 18 of February 2018. Dave Gross was once head of Dragon Magazine, and also wrote many short stories and some novels in Forgotten Realms. 

This story is blurbed at the start and calls Rancor “the previously untold backstory of Dorn’s famed magic sword (with homage to a certain cinematic treasure hunter intended)!”

In a boobytrapped ruins of a temple to Bane, Dorn Il-Khan seeks a powerful ebon blade. He is accompanied by an Amnian thief named Barranca. I believe this is an origin story to Dorn’s paladinhood, but I’m not too familiar with the character. This story is really short, and does have a very Indiana Jones-esque scene. I have never played any of the Baldur’s Gate games beyond Dark Alliance 1 & 2, but fans of the games would probably enjoy this, especially with Gross’s easily accessible writing style and cameos of characters from the games. Rancor is Acceptable.


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