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Friday, November 20, 2020

November Book Haul: Another Round of Books, Please

    Some adventurers often find themselves in a taproom, ordering zzar or evermead and enjoying the burn as the warming beverage washes down their gullet as they listen to the hustle and cacophony of wassailing and resounding clatter of drinks hitting wood, and patrons calling out to peers. Drink, after drink, chatting and celebrating with their crew. Maybe they've just raided a Netherese ruin, or cleaned out the local goblin den. Maybe they're looking for glory and a quest to call their own, or are otherwise lost in numb thought. 
You call for another round of drinks, and spend the night in bleary torpor.

    Others, those who seek after knowledge of Mystra and Azuth, Oghma and Deneir, may not frequent the tavern though. They sit in a quiet, quaint hall or library; scholars may shuffle nearby; a candle may provide wan light. The occasional sneeze shouts out as centuries of dust and silence is disturbed by the study of curious minds. The questions of what can be discovered next, what understanding can be gleaned from the parchment, sits on their minds.
You find yourself searching for another set of tomes to satisfy your hungry mind, spending the night in cognitive vigor.


Alae! It's been awhile since I called for another round of Forgotten Realms novels. This month I gathered 24 more books to my collection. I am about half way to having each Forgotten Realms novel as I approach the 15% mark on reading them all.

This time around I got a good variety. I will just briefly go over them.

The Nobles, a series of 6 loosly connected stores. I picked up 4 in a bundle and the last two separate on eBay.  I am presently waiting for book 6 to arrive, which is The Simbul's Gift.

The Twilight War Trilogy + the Realms of War anthology. This is the sequel series to Erevis Cale, which I finished at the 1st of this month.

The Druidhome Trilogy, sequel to the Moonshae Trilogy. I got them bundled at a cheap price on eBay.

The Threat from the Sea trilogy, also has Realms of the Deep anthology that I have yet to get.

Twilight Giants is a trilogy by Troy Denning, I got a deal on the reprints.

The Last Mythal is a trilogy accompanied by the Realms of the Elves anthology that I have not yet gotten.

The Empyrean Odyssey, a trilogy of novels following a character from the War of the Spider Queen series. 

Along with this batch I also received an extra book from one of the vendors. I am not sure if I will give it away to a personal friend or run another giveaway like I did earlier this year. Regardless, whenever I do another one of these hauls it will likely be for Dragon magazines that have Forgotten Realms short stories in them.

Have you read any of these books? Did you read the physical thing or an ebook? What are your thoughts? Amarast!


You can track my current progress here.

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