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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Review: Waterdeep Dragon Heist Tie-In Fiction

There are two tie-in short stories for the adventure Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. These can both be found for free in Dragon+, and off course take place in the titular Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. 

Secrets of the Deep by Mark Price and David Roomes from issue Dragon+ issue 20 published in June 2018. Braya is a thief of the streets of Waterdeep. Her mentor, Tyben, is dead. Tyben knew about a treasure beneath the city though, and some toughs want to beat it out of Braya and his corpse. The story is extremely short, and comes to a swift close one it picks up.

We learn that Braya was taught a good philosophy from Tyben. He was oddly a worshipper of Umberlee, Queen of the Depths. Braya is quick on her feet like any rogue, and uses a knife to stunning effect.

I have not experienced Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, so maybe there are connections I’m missing. The tale is Acceptable, it's too short but wrapped together nicely. Coupled with the next story, it works as a good introduction.

Raven’s Reckoning is by the same two authors and also follows Braya as she searches for the Vault of Dragons. It can be found in Dragon+ issue 23 from December 2018. 

The 7th of Flamerule, Lliira's Night. The story starts as Braya negotiates a deal involving wine with the elf Sneer of House Amaris and the dwarf Scar of Clan Roardun. She is posing as a member of the Vintners, Distillers, Brewers Guild

She has a new partner, since Tyben’s death, Grudal has made the duo complete. He doesn't get really any screen time, and is almost pointless.

The scandal is going fine until two critical parts explode, and another party Braya recently got on the bad side of shows up. This become dicey fast, and it becomes a race as to who can get the prize of a certain key. A brawl breaks out and the Nine Hells break loose. 

An aside, Funnily where there probably is suppose to be a break it looks like the coding is off. Ignore the stuff in brackets! 

Anyways, Raven's Reckoning is a fun followup to Secrets of the Deep. It is not a conclusion, for that's for the players of the adventure to experience. The story is Good.

"Dry or sweet?"


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