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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

GIVEAWAY: The Avatar Trilogy

I recently had a birthday, and I made a mistake, one that benefits you!
For those that do not know this blog is my written experience as I attempt to read everyone of the three hundred Forgotten Realms novels. I post reviews, hauls, and observations from the reading here for others to join in on the conversation. I also like to collect the books and so for my birthday I asked for The Avatar Trilogy by Richard Awlinson. I then turned around and bought the entire trilogy because I forgot I asked for it. A few weeks went by and when my birthday actually rolled around, surprise, I was gifted with the Avatar Trilogy!
This giveaway is timely as I just reached the point in The Legend of Drizzt when the Time of Troubles begins in Siege of Darkness. And surprisingly I don't need two copies of a series, so I am giving away a copy of the trilogy. More entries means more chances of winning. The winner will be drawn randomly at the end of the month. Just enter below.

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The Avatar Trilogy focuses on a group of adventurers during the onset of the Time of Troubles, when the gods have been forced to walk among mortals in avatar form. It is a time when lots of deities will die and mortals rise to godhood.

For fun facts, the Avatar Trilogy was later expanded into a series of five books. The Original books were released in 1989 and they were Shadowdale, Tantras, and Waterdeep, with Prince of Lies and The Trial of Cyric the Mad being added in 1993 and 1998 respectively. While the original trilogy were published under the name Richard Awlinson, this is actually a pen name. The first two were written by Scott Ciencin and the third by Troy Denning. When the books were printed in 2003 they received revamped covers and the pen name was dropped altogether.

The books themselves are used. The first and third have the original cover while the second book is a reprint. I would say the first is in acceptable condition while the other two are in good condition. I will send them promptly after the winner has been chosen.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

You can track my current progress here.

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