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Friday, March 20, 2020

March Book Haul: The Harpers

This post is specifically for those interested in the physical aspect involved with reading every book in the Forgotten Realms. I may do these every so often as I gain a decent amount of books.

I recently received a package with 16 books: the entirety of The Harpers series.
I bought the series in one purchase on eBay. I have found that eBay generally has the best deals for online shopping when it comes to Forgotten Realms novels.
Breaking it down I paid about $4.38 for each book, almost $2 cheaper per book than every other option.

Sadly, most eBay sellers use USPS Media Mail, which is not the best, but if well-packaged it's perfectly fine. Make sure you look at the quality, and if they have a picture of the actual item, look closely. You can also ask questions of the seller, and this can be really useful. I once had someone tell me a book was in very good condition just because every word was readable, though it had looked like a rather mistreated copy, something I would consider acceptable. So the ratings aren't always consistent; if there isn't a picture offered you run the risks of getting a book of lower quality than you desire.

Thankfully these were well packaged.

In this case most books were also in really good condition, with a couple being okay or acceptable.

While it will probably be a good while before I get through all of them, I am really excited to dive into the series about one of my favorite organizations in The Realms.
You can track my current progress here.

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