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Monday, March 9, 2020

Completed Series: Cold Steel and Secrets by Rosemary Jones

Cold Steel and Secrets is a novella by Rosemary Jones set in Neverwinter and divided into four parts. It follows Rucas Sarfael as he infiltrates a rebel group that are against Lord Protector Dagult Neveremeber's rule in Neverwinter. I’ll keep this short because I don’t remember much besides really enjoying it. The story itself involves undead from a Red Wizard of Thay and the mystery of the necromancers identity. 

I read this in March 2018 over a couple days, the same week I first played Dungeons & Dragons . I wish it was available in a format that had all four together (and a physical version at that). Anyways, this novella led me to read City of the Dead by the same author. If you don’t mind the couple dollars for each part, it’s a swift and exciting read.

For a novella, Cold Steel & Secrets is Exceptional.
You can track my current progress here.

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