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Monday, April 15, 2024

Milestones Galore: 100 Books Read!

 On Saturday, April 13, I finished Pool of Radiance by James M. Ward and Jane Cooper Hong. This was the 11th novel-collection set in the Forgotten Realms that I’ve finished this year. This means two things.

The first is that I have now matched the number I read last year, and it’s only the middle of April! Admittedly, I read less than desired last year, but this is a good start to a better number this year.

Secondly, this was the 100th fiction book I’ve finished! From 2017 when I first read Brimstone Angels to 2020 to when I started this blog, this feels like a good milestone. This also means I’m about 1/3 through my goal to read all the fiction set in the Realms!

It’s been a great journey full of adventure. Thank you, everyone who has stopped by and been along for the ride. From beyond the Sea of Swords to lands far in every direction, I’ve experienced magic, deadly perils, and great friendships. Thanks to Ed Greenwood and all the writers and editors that made it happen. I hope the Realms continues to be a joy for me for years to come. 


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