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Monday, April 1, 2024

D&D Honor Among Thieves - One Year Later

 March 31st, 2023 saw the official release of the film Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. At the time of watching it a couple days before it was released generally, I enjoyed it but was nit-picky on a few points. Those points stand, except the Elminster/Simon thing with the Helm of Disjunction. What has become obvious over the last year is how much I have enjoyed the film.

There are new places that fit well in the Realms, like Revel's End or Korinn's Keep. Something like the High Sun Games arena smack in the middle of Neverwinter is a bit silly, this can be overlooked for the sheer amount of joy the film brings. It really evokes the tabletop experience, being both chaotic and enchanting. Plus there are nice details, like the Spear of Aoth Fezim being mentioned, Fezim being the star of the Haunted Lands Trilogy, and the Brotherhood of the Griffon series, both by Richar Lee Byers. Also the use of Thorass script, which I will be exploring later.

You can tell fans of the Realms made the film. Even though Ed Greenwood didn't make a cameo like Stan Lee the film has been watched more than a dozen times in my house and I look forward to watching it more.

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