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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Review: Shamur's Wager by Richard Lee Byers

 Shamur's Wager is a short story by Richard Lee Byers from Dragon Magazine issue 273 published in July 2000. The story follows Shamur Uskevren lady and rogue of Sembia fame and protagonist of The Shattered Mask published June of the following year (my review of the whole series can be found here). The story can be found from pages 56 to 63.

The story is not given a proper place on the timeline but it likely takes place before the Sembia book series. Shamur has a fierce competition with Chenna Talendar, a lady of a rival house, to gain a brooch that belonged to Shamur's old trainer in the roguish arts, Errendar Spillwine; it also may include an exhilarating griffon race over Selgaunt.

story art by Therese Nielsen

It's a fun read with a surprising outcome. There is something special about this story I found common among the tales from Sembia that bring out the joyful magic present in the Forgotten Realms. This story is somehow Amazing as Byers is able to squeeze in meat and juice into this exciting short tale.


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