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Monday, January 25, 2021

Review: Dreaming of Waterdeep by Rosemary Jones

 Dreaming of Waterdeep is a short story from Dragon Magazine issue 393 published digitally in November of 2010 and acts as a prequel for the character Gustin Bone of Jone's 2009 novel, City of the Dead, book 4 of the Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep series (my thoughts on the whole series can be found here). The tale can be found on pages 49-56. The story can also be found in Untold Adventures, an anthology with short stories from multiple settings from 2011.

the cover of issue 393

We are introduced to ten year old Gustin Bone who is an orphan and living with his Uncle in a small village. When trio of adventurers stop in the village looking for respite, Gustin asks a litany of questions but his hopes of adventuring and seeing Waterdeep are quashed by his uncle. 

story art by Warren Mahy

Gustin has a little bit of illusory magic, not very effective in combat. This small adventure involves searching ruins for treasure and a magical monster that has made the ruins its lair.

Likely this story takes place in Cormyr, as that is where Gustin grew up, but the village and area remain unnamed. It is an exciting story, and I plan to get Untold Adventures soon so I can have a physical copy. There is something oddly realistic (in a magical world) that 4e era books have that many earlier works are lacking, and Jones writes phenomenally, displaying such life. This story is Exceptional, and I recommend you read it; it can be found here.


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