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Monday, July 10, 2023

Review: Only A Woman Can Take This Sort of Abuse by Ed Greenwood

 It has been a minute since reviewing a Spin a Yarn tale by Ed Greenwood. Like the previous two, this was a tale written by Ed Greenwood after attendees at Gen Con gave outlandish suggestions.

This one is divided into two parts and is quite long. They were released in December 2003 and January 2004, respectively. Read parts 1 and 2

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This one starts really comical, as Manshoon, Lord of the Zhentarim, wakes up not remembering exactly what happened. He knows he was lured by the Seven Sisters and he awakes dressed as a “saucy tavern wench”. When leaving the bedroom he finds Volo dresses in a corset and proceeds to try to murder the traveling writer and wizard. 

The Seven Sisters mean to trap someone and disguise it as a revel. Volo is present because he is writing his guide to Catering. We learn this is at a cabin on the Dragon Coast. 

Aravil Kettlesworth is the cook in a less than efficient and clean kitchen. He is a dwarf and all the others are followers of Loviater, goddess of pain. Their leader seems to be a priestess named Roreldra who is literally whipping frosting onto a cake. Or welol, she is the spiritual leader; Kettlesworth Fine Feasts is of course led by the dwarf.

There is a short conversation on how to cook tarrasque so it is safe to eat. Around this comes an aged paladin of Tyr with a sapient sword capable of loving some on its own, one eager to protect supposed innocents.

The story introduces Elminster in part 2, and we get a proper explanation (or showing) of how Manshoon and Volo get where they are at the start. It’s very fun, maybe a tad long. I’d say it’s a Good one and of course free to enjoy.


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