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Monday, January 23, 2023

The Original Moonshaes and More Revealed!


In November of 2022 Ed Greenwood went onto the Lord Gosumba twitch channel to show off and chat Forgotten Realms maps spanning from 1969, shortly after its conception, to 1986 when it was acquired by TSR and sent to them in several pieces.

One of the highlights begins around the 49:30 mark: Greenwood’s original Moonshaes being shown for the very first time publicly. The last person beside Ed to see these was Jeff Grubb back in ‘86 or so. For those unaware, Douglas Niles was working on a a setting for the United Kingdom branch of TSR which ended up being scrapped. Since the Forgotten Realms was bought as a kitchen-sink setting, it was decided that Nile’s Druidic and fay islands would replace the original Hebrides inspired Moonshaes created by Ed. 

I recently read that Alex Kammer acquired the map that was put together at TSR in the late 80s, but that artifact has the later Moonshaes taped over the original.

We also see early maps of Waterdeep; Halruaa; The Lonesome Tankard in Eveningstar; Suzail; Serpent's Cowl (for the first time); Shadowdale; and more! Go enjoy this three hour video of Ed and his fountain of knowledge and experience. You may find it as glorious as I did. 



You can track my current progress here.

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