Friday, March 5, 2021

Review: Memories: The Year of the Wave by Lisa Smedman

Memories: The Year of the Wave is a Sembia tie-in short story by Lisa Smedman about Larajin, half-elf maid in service to House Uskevren of Selgaunt. The story can be found in Dragon magazine issue #299 from September 2002, pages 84-94. It takes place in , the Year of the Wave, 1364 DR, eight years before the events of Heirs of Prophecy, which means Larajin is seventeen years old.

We find Larajin going about her daily duties and being a klutz during those duties. She encounters Talbot and Brocklin, a stable boy she fancies, sparring. From there, it seems that there is a potent and maybe magical liqueur, magic moss, and memory lost all around a sacred Revel to Sune, goddess of love and beauty.

This is a fun story, one to decipher. The story seems to be going one direction before swiftly changing to another. It shows Larajin become friends with the dwarf, Kemlar. We alos see the start of her relationship with Sune, which is a nice glimpse. I would recommend reading this after Heirs of Prophecy, but it would not hurt too bad to read it before. It was great seeing Larajin again, as she was one of my favorite characters from Sembia.

Larajin by Jeff Laubenstein

This story is swift and not a pain in the slightest to read. It's about a good character that is already established in the books in a similarly established place. Lisa Smedman keeps on showing that her works are nothing if not Exceptional.


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